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Over the course of the “X-Files”, there has been a steadily evolving “mythology”. For many, this mythology has grown into a confusing, convoluted, and ultimately contradictory mass of dangling, unresolved plot threads. But others believe that there is a way to explain it all, by building on the hints and evidence given over the past nine years.

The following stories represent the fan fiction written by Entil’zha as an attempt to add to the mythology of the “X-Files” while remaining true to the spirit of mystery that the series invokes. The only changes to the series canon will be changes to the timeline when the series does not appear to fit with realistic timeframes (i.e., 13-month pregnancies).

The stories are set primarily within the continuity of seasons 8 and 9, and feature all lead characters introduced over the course of the series. The stories, in concert with the episodes, also represent a general story arc that is meant to unify the mythology into one complete package once the series is over.

Part One begins with “all things” and ends with “Existence”. The stories that take place during season 8, and the approximate timeline for the appropriate episodes/stories, are listed below.

Part Two begins after “Existence” and ends shortly after "The Truth". The stories that interweave in and out of the episodes of season 9, under the overall title “A Bringer of New Things”, are listed on that page.

As new stories are added, it will be announced on the “New Additions” page.

Other stories not intended as part of the mythology series written by Entil’zha can be found on the “Other Fan Fiction page.

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The stories roughly begin during season 8, while Agent Fox Mulder is still missing and Agents Scully and Doggett are searching for leads as to his possible whereabouts. The stories fall within this general chronological order, keeping in mind that the times given in the stories reflect the dates assumed in the timeline indicated (the stories written by MeridyM are considered part of the story in terms of content):

"all things"
(Early July 2000) This episode is considered to be the conception period for William, Mulder and Scully's son.

(Early September 2000) Mulder is abducted by unknown forces. After being assigned under questionable circumstances to the search for Mulder, Agent John Doggett is assigned to the X-Files.

(Mid-September 2000)

"Invocation"/"Via Negativa"/"Surekill"/"Salvage"
(Early to Mid-October 2000)

Intuition (MeridyM)
(Set early November 2000, with epilogue in mid-December 2000) On a ritual murder case in the Rocky Mountains, things get personal for Doggett.

(Early November 2000)

Chasing Shadows
(Set mid-November 2000) The search for Mulder has gone on for nearly two months, with little progress. After the Lone Gunmen inform Agent Doggett about a case in New York City that might be related, he finds himself in familiar territory. Meanwhile, Agent Scully encounters complications in her pregnancy.

"The Gift"/"Medusa"
(Late November 2000)

"Per Manum"/"Redrum"
(Early December 2000)

"This is Not Happening"
(December 11-13, 2000) The search for Mulder leads Doggett and Scully to a UFO cult, after which Mulder's apparent corpse is found in a Montana field. Mulder is buried.

Empathy (MeridyM)
(Set early March 2001) During an unusual weekend, Doggett is reminded that even in the face of loss and regret, you can love and be loved.

"DeadAlive"/"Three Words"/"Empedocles"/"Vienen"/"Alone"
(Early to Mid-March 2001) Mulder is determined to be alive due to the introduction of an unknown and apparently alien virus. He is cured, but he is immediately drummed out of any consideration for returning to the FBI. Shortly after Mulder becomes a civilian, Scully goes on maternity leave.

From That Eternal Silence
(Late March 2001) In a New Jersey suburb, a young woman commits suicide…yet a suspect is held for her murder. Now alone on the X-Files, Agent Doggett finds that nothing on the case is what it seems. When a meeting with the suspect reveals a possibly ritualistic motive for the crime, Agent Reyes arrives. Together, they walk into a darkness that forces Doggett to question his beliefs to the breaking point.

(Early April 2001) Mulder and Scully's son William is born on April 6, 2001. Agent Doggett begins an investigation into the role of the FBI in an apparent conspiracy to create genetically enhanced military personnel.

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